Xero Backup Single Download

Xportmydata's Single Download Xero Backup is your go-to solution for a one-time backup of your Xero data, especially useful during significant transitions like a business closure or change in ownership. For only USD $100, this service provides a thorough extract of your Xero data in a concise Excel file covering your chart of accounts, bank transactions, contacts, attached files uploaded to Xero, Xero Payroll, and more.

  • Comprehensive Data Extract: Obtain a concise Excel file encompassing critical Xero data including chart of accounts, bank transactions, contacts, and more.

  • CSV Import Files: While Xero has limited import fields, we've formatted the import data to align with Xero's specifications.

  • Files Add-on: Captures all uploaded and attached invoices, receipts, and images linked to bills, invoices, manual journals, cash transactions, and beyond, ensuring no data is left behind.

  • Payroll Add-on (Exclusive to Australia & New Zealand): This includes employee details, leave applications, payroll calendars, timesheets, and more, offering a comprehensive payroll data backup for Australian and New Zealand Xero users.

This one-off service comes at a flat rate with no ongoing subscription, making it a straightforward and cost-effective choice for securing your Xero data. The Single Download service not only provides peace of mind but also ensures you have all the essential data on hand when needed.

Regular Backups are Essential!

Regular Xero backups are essential to safeguard your business's valuable data.
Without backups, your business is vulnerable. Choose your plan now.

Why use Xportmydata for Xero?

Xero, while powerful, doesn't offer an in-built backup feature and actively recommends users to maintain their own backups. This is where Xportmydata steps in. Seamlessly and swiftly export your Xero data to Excel, with security assured. Additionally, all your attachments—such as bills and receipts—are downloaded as they were uploaded to Xero. We also create Xero-ready CSV import files from your data. We pride ourselves on providing a service that's not only secure but also reliable, granting you full control over your data.


Mistakes happen, be it an inadvertent error, a disgruntled employee deleting data, or loss of crucial attachments. The risk is real, but we've got your back.

Cyber Attack

The digital landscape is evolving, increasing cyber threats. Align with cybersecurity standards, safeguard your data, and ensure digital resilience.


Many countries' tax regulations require the retention of financial records for specific durations. Effortless compliance by backing up your data, in line with regulations.

Business SOLD

Selling or closing your business? Secure all your Xero data with a single download. Our one-time export has you covered.

Set & Forget

Signing up is a breeze with no new usernames to remember – simply use your Xero login. From there, enjoy automatic weekly backups without lifting a finger.

Import and Export

We create CSV files for Xero-allowed imports and organise your data in Excel. While Xero lacks full restore, our CSV and Excel backups aids a smooth return to normal operations.