Backup Xero Attachments with
Files Add-On

Backup all your Xero files with ease using Xportmydata's Files Add-On, an essential extension to our Xero backup plans. This add-on ensures that all your uploaded attachments, invoices, and other files are securely backed up, offering an organised and accessible archive whenever you need it.

  • Comprehensive Files Capture: This service captures all uploaded and attached invoices, receipts, and images including bills, invoices, manual journals, and cash transactions, along with the content of your Xero files folder.

  • Organised Backup Structure: Files attached to transactions are securely backed up and organised in a separate area of the backup Zip file, ensuring easy access and review. The content of your Xero Files Folder within the Xero accounting app is downloaded separately into a Zip file, providing a structured and neat data management setup.

  • Included with Single Download: The Files add-on is bundled at no extra cost with the Single Download option, adding more value to your one-time data backup.

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