1 Xero Organisation

$10 USD /month
(12-mth min term)


3 Xero Organisations

$20 USD /month
(12-mth min term)


10 Xero Organisations

$50 USD /month
(12-mth min term)


11+ Xero Organisations

Accountants & Bookkeepers Partner Plans


Not quite what you need? Require a tailored option?

Do you need something other than what is here? Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant and need more than 10 Xero organisations?

Please Contact Us for volume discounts and further discussions around your requirements.

All prices are quoted in US dollars.
All plans come with 12-month minimum commitment, except for Single Download service.  Terms & Conditions apply.
* Trials - Enjoy a commitment-free experience, no credit card required.
Note: Trials provide a sample backup using your data, excluding the files & payroll add-ons.


Download your Xero Data Today!

Opt for a one-time backup of your Xero data. This includes add-ons for Files/uploaded attachments and Payroll (available for Australia & New Zealand only). It's perfect for businesses undergoing a transition, be it closure or change of ownership. Absolutely no subscription needed!


USD (Per Download)