IT Professionals:
Managed Service Providers (MSP)

In today's digital business landscape, safeguarding every aspect of a client's data is paramount. However, a crucial area often overlooked is the backup of accounting data housed in platforms like Xero.  We are offering a referral opportunity with recurring compensation for added value for IT Professionals. Although businesses may not always grant IT professionals direct access to their Xero files, it's imperative that this fundamental financial data is included in the overall data protection strategy. Xportmydata extends a partnership opportunity to IT professionals and MSPs, offering a robust, tailored backup solution for Xero, in alignment with key cybersecurity and data preservation guidelines.

Why Xportmydata is the Right Choice for Your Clients:

  • Holistic Data Protection: Offering Xportmydata as part of your service suite ensures a more comprehensive data backup strategy, covering not just documents and emails, but also essential financial data.

  • Regular Data Backups: In the face of unexpected system failures, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters, our regular data backup service, including CSV import files, acts as your safety net, ensuring no valuable client data is lost.

  • Secure Cloud Storage: Initially, your clients' data is backed up on our servers in Southeast Australia. We offer options to store the final data in the UK (for EU clients), the USA, or Southeast Australia, per regional compliance needs. Post-backup, easily download their data and transfer it to your preferred storage location and opt to remove it from our servers post-download. Aligning with recommended IT controls for safeguarding client records. 

  • Xero Files and Payroll Add-Ons: Capture all essential data with ease, including uploaded and attached invoices, receipts, bills, manual journals, and cash transactions, alongside your Xero files folder content. For Australian & New Zealand Xero users, our Payroll Add-on ensures your payroll data is safely backed up and readily accessible whenever needed.

  • Single Download Option: Our Single Download option is a reliable solution for a one-time backup of your Xero data, especially useful during significant transitions like a business closure or change in ownership.

  • Referral Opportunity: Become a referring partner and provide your clients with a unique code to use our services. This not only ensures they have a complete backup solution but also adds value to your service offerings, complete with recurring compensation.

Leverage Xportmydata

Leverage Xportmydata to not only comply with the cybersecurity guidelines but to also provide an extra layer of assurance to your clients.
Plus, when you sign up to our referral program, you'll enjoy the benefit of recurring compensation.

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Services We Offer

We offer a range of Xero backup plans with add-ons along side our Single Download option. 
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Why use Xportmydata for Xero?

Xero, while powerful, doesn't offer an in-built backup feature and actively recommends users to maintain their own backups. This is where Xportmydata steps in. Seamlessly and swiftly export your Xero data to Excel, with security assured. Additionally, all your attachments—such as bills and receipts—are downloaded as they were uploaded to Xero. We also create Xero-ready CSV import files from your data. We pride ourselves on providing a service that's not only secure but also reliable, granting you full control over your data.


Mistakes happen, be it an inadvertent error, a disgruntled employee deleting data, or loss of crucial attachments. The risk is real, but we've got your back.

Cyber Attack

The digital landscape is evolving, increasing cyber threats. Align with cybersecurity standards, safeguard your data, and ensure digital resilience.


Many countries' tax regulations require the retention of financial records for specific durations. Effortless compliance by backing up your data, in line with regulations.

Business SOLD

Selling or closing your business? Secure all your Xero data with a single download. Our one-time export has you covered.

Set & Forget

Signing up is a breeze with no new usernames to remember – simply use your Xero login. From there, enjoy automatic weekly backups without lifting a finger.

Import and Export

We create CSV files for Xero-allowed imports and organise your data in Excel. While Xero lacks full restore, our CSV and Excel backups aids a smooth return to normal operations.