How to Transfer Your Xero Subscription: A Small Business Guide

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In my line of work, I've come across numerous small business owners facing hurdles with their accountants over Xero subscriptions. A particular case that stands out is of a client whose financial data were a mess in Xero, thanks to their previous accountant. When we stepped in to tidy up the Xero file, the accountant, holding the subscription, turned uncooperative about transferring it to us or the client directly. Although Xero was willing to negotiate, it was somewhat out of their hands. This is where Xportmydata turned out to be a lifesaver...

The Problem

Often, the individual or entity that subscribes to Xero is deemed the official data owner, which may not necessarily be the business owner. This can introduce complexities, especially when relationships with accountants sour. For instance, in my client's scenario, they were paying for the Xero subscription, which was on-charged by their accountant who paid it directly to Xero. However, when it came to regaining control over the subscription, it turned into a nightmare due to the obstinate accountant, who later was removed from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and prosecuted for fraud. This circumstance not only caused financial distress but also hindered the business operations as they struggled to access crucial financial data.

Xero Subscription Ownership

In the digital domain, understanding ownership can sometimes have its complexities. In Xero's context, the "Subscriber" refers to the individual or entity that registered with Xero and agreed to their terms of service. Holding the Subscriber status grants primary authority and responsibility over the data within the Xero organisation, irrespective of who is paying for the service. This key role dictates who can access the data and to what extent, making the Subscriber the principal figure in managing and safeguarding the organisation's data on the Xero platform. It's advisable to use a business-controlled email address for the Subscriber role to avoid complications and ensure seamless control and management of your data.

The Solution

At Xportmydata, we offer a seamless solution to this common problem. By opting for a Single Download to back up all your data, you're taking the first step to regain control.

Steps to Regain Control:

  1. Backup Your Data: Head to Xportmydata and choose the Single Download option. Note: This option will also backup all your files/attachments uploaded into Xero so we can retrieve all your history right back to the day you started using Xero. If you have payroll, this will also be backed up.

  2. Delete Old Bank Feeds: Once the backup is complete, go ahead and delete the bank feeds in your old Xero account, note the date so we can set the bank feeds up in the new Xero file and import any missing transactions.

  3. Create a New Account: Open a new Xero account and upload your info from the various Xero import fields. Xportmydata backup includes import files in the correct format.

Other Things to Consider: Xero cannot link bank accounts to more than one Xero organisation. You must delete the bank feed in one in order to re-link to another. Also, ensure the import files are correctly formatted to meet the strict Xero import standards, a task anyone familiar with Excel can manage.

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Regain Control Today!
If you find yourself in a tussle with your accountant over your Xero subscription, remember that Xportmydata has got your back (up). Don’t wait for things to escalate; take action today and ensure your business data remains in safe hands.

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