Xportmydata provides an easy way to back up your Xero data, files and payroll securely.

We back up all the transactions in a concise excel file from when the organisation started.

Add the Files add-on to include all those invoices/bills you have attached to transactions.

And for Australian and New Zealand Xero payroll users, select our payroll add-on to include all your payroll data.

* Trials use your data to complete a sample of the whole backup (excluding files & payroll add-ons)

Working Together

Xportmydata provides an easy way to back up your data, files and payroll. Download it to your computer, then sync it with your favourite cloud storage. If the unthinkable happens, how do you get access? Xportmydata takes away the stress and anxiety; you have control of your data and can choose where your data is saved.

We are currently extracting the following information:
Chart of Accounts, Bank Transactions, Bank Transfers,
Contacts, Contact Groups, Credit Notes,
Invoices, Items, Purchase Orders, Manual Journals,
Overpayments, Prepayments, Repeating Invoices, Settings and more

Find out more about our add-ons - Xero files and the Xero payroll

Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant and need more than 10 Xero organisations?
Please contact us for volume discounts and further discussions around your requirements.

Benefits that will let you carry on with business

With a little bit of sorting, you can import back into Xero ensures when the worst hits, you are up and running in no time.


Backed up and removed from Xero, your files can be stored securely where you want and ready should they be needed.


In just a couple of clicks, xportmydata seamlessly integrates with Xero using Xero's SSO (Single Sign On) authentication.


Xportmydata scales with your business, saving valuable time and preventing the inevitable stress should things go wrong.

Whatever the reason, having a backup is essential.

Your financial data protected

The founding members of xportmydata bring together extensive experience within the IT Consulting, Accounting and Software development industries to ensure the best solution for the safety of your financial data. With the increasing number of cloud applications available, it is vital your data is 'secure' and 'backed up'. Ask yourself, do I know where my data is stored, is it backed up? Who do I contact if something goes wrong? What if I can't get it back? How do I store it myself?

Xportmydata is the safety net you need. It is easy to back up your critical Xero data; best of all, you have control over where your data is stored. You choose where it is saved—a local Computer or local NAS, or transfer it to your favourite cloud storage.

Lets Get Started

With a 7 day FREE trial and simple setup, it only takes a few minutes to get underway.

 * Trials use your data to complete a sample of the whole backup (excluding files & payroll add-ons)